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  • I am a dog owner, a mother of three and a qualified dog walker operating in Edinburgh. I am also a qualified lawyer who decided to escape the rat race. My role is to safeguard, socialise, exercise and, if you would like, help to train your dog on a regular and consistent basis. Exercise and social interaction are vital to your dog irrespective of its breed, size, age or temperament and my services will, of course, be tailored to meet your dog’s individual requirements.

    I have been a dog owner for many years. I have a beautiful Labrador called Max, who is the canine equivalent of the BFG, and a sweet and loving Rottweiler called Nancy. When I was practicing full time as a solicitor, which lasted just over ten years, my enjoyment of my dogs was mainly restricted to evening cuddles and weekend walks and training. However, when one job ended and I was considering my next position, I realised – and the irony of this is not lost on me – that I did not want to work in an office again or for my dogs to be looked after by a walker or sitter! So I decided to swop the air conditioning for fresh air and to do it myself. I have dedicated months not only to my dogs but to gaining a better knowledge and understanding of all dogs by undertaking a range of academic and practical exercises, qualifications and experiences. I am a qualified dog handler and hold a Level 1 qualification in Dog Handling & Safety Techniques awarded by NASDU, the National Association of Security Dog Users. I have a keen interest in the legal aspects of animals too and feel passionate about animal welfare and animal law.