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  • Group Walks

    Most of our walks are done in groups, with a maximum of eight dogs per group although it may be less. The numbers may vary, depending on which dogs need to be walked that day. We will never assign your dog to an unsuitable group simply for the sake of convenience – all dogs are carefully assessed for suitability within a particular group, my own dogs included. As a result, the composition of the group may vary on any given day, as may the time of your dog's walk. Group walks are completed between the hours of 10am – 2pm. The location of your dog’s walk is likely to vary too although there will not be any variation in the levels of invigoration your dog will experience. Your dog will always come home happy, clean and tidy. Dogs are always walked on the lead, except by prior written agreement. However, if your dog is inquisitive or adventurous but his recall requires some extra work, in order to ensure his walk is as exhilarating as possible, we have the option of using one of our long leads.