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  • Heather - Principal

    Dog Walker, Dog Handler, Pet Sitter, Boarder

    Heather's Canine Credentials

    I hold a Level 1 qualification in Dog Handling & Safety Techniques awarded by NASDU, the National Association of Security Dog Users. I completed the NASDU qualification with Peter Williams of PAW Dog Training at his training centre in Ashford in Kent, where I also gained the PAW Dog Training Safer Handling certificate and a Canine First Aid certificate. Peter is a highly experienced dog handler, trainer, instructor and behaviourist and is an accredited Home Office instructor in general purpose canine handling as well as, explosive, narcotics and weapons search. Detailed information about Peter Williams’ background and experience is available on his website: www.pawdogtraining.co.uk 

    I also spent an extended period with dog trainer and dog behaviourist Marco del Valle, the Edinburgh based “Mexican Dog Whisperer”. Not only has Marco helped me to train and transform my Rottweiler puppy Nancy (who at ten months started to show signs of dominance), but Marco has worked with me for hours at a time over the course of several months, guiding me and allowing me to assist in the training of other dogs and puppies, ranging from tiny cocker spaniel puppies to a fully grown Akita and German Shepherd. Marco has been a rigorous mentor who has taught me many valuable ‘tricks of the trade’. I cannot speak highly enough of Marco or his invaluable insight and training techniques. Training your dog into adulthood takes time, dedication, patience and consistency. However, by instilling obedience and showing strong leadership, you and your dog should both be happier – and your dog will be easier to walk. Under Marco’s expert tuition, I have learned how to effectively yet sympathetically train the stubbornest of puppies as well as how to listen to, interpret and understand dogs’ body language and silent cues. Detailed information about Marco can be found on his website: www.k9edinburgh.co.uk 

    I have completed two Coursera online courses: Animal Behaviour and Welfare, in association with the University of Edinburgh, and Dog Emotion and Cognition, in association with Duke University, California.

  • Maia

    Dog Walker, Dog Handler, Pet Sitter

    Maia’s Canine Credentials

    Maia (pronounced ‘My-a’) means dog. Or at least anyone who knows Maia could be excused for thinking it does! When I asked her if she would like a job with the business she replied “dogs are not a job Mum, dogs are my life”. And with that I gained my first assistant. Maia is studying for her exams but is available to help with weekend and occasional solo walks.

    Maia also holds a NASDU Level 1 qualification in Dog Handling & Safety Techniques as well as the PAW Dog Training Safer Handling certificate and a Canine First Aid certificate. Having also trained with Marco del Valle, Maia’s dog training skills have helped her to achieve the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.